95% Egg Production Layer Battery Cage


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Steel Structure Chicken House and Equipment for Chicken 1) Surface treatment:Electro galvanize (1.Surface smooth.and bright.. zinc coating:20-30g/m2.2.In the humid is easy to rust. But after the rust does not affect use. service life:8-10 years)Because the cost is low. after rust does not affect the use. so most people in galvanized (1. surface zinc is thick. can reach about 500g/m2.It has the corrosion resistance of high strength 2. the surface have zinc knot. not smooth. service life: 25 years--Even for a longer time)Pvc powder after electric galvanized ( 1.Surface smooth.and bright.Color can choose:Red. yellow. blue. green. black. white.2.Because this is two layers of surface treatment. antirust ability enhancement.It is not easy to rust. service life:20 years)2)Specialty: Easy to assemble. Feeding and easy management. save the space. effectively prevent infectious diseases. and increase the survival rate.3) Scalability: can be adjusted according to the size. can add automatic drinking water system. also available for one layer or layers adjustment.4) If there are special specifications. also can be customized to sample. Project introduction:  It is our Ghana layer house project.for total 50400 layers.We are factory since 1996.we are supplier for both steel structure house and auto equipment.Please feel free to contact me if you need more details:
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