Evaporative Cooling Wet Pad of Poultry Equipment


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Characteristics of Super Herdsman Wet CurtainThe wet pad paper is formed by bonding pure imported paper pulp by corrugated fiber.The corrugated paper is specially treated. and has high structural strength. corrosion resistance and long service lifeThe corrugated fiber structure with certain angle has large surface area and quick purification. and has certain performance of the natural filterThe structure without micropores on the surface can prevent algae and mineral substances from residing in the deep layerThe surface of the wet curtain has good hydroscopic property. and can also prevent from producing beads on the surfaceThe fast drying property of the surface protective coating effectively inhibits organic substances such as algae from breeding on the surfaceOur company is a leading Manufacturer of husbandry machinery in China. We Manufacture poultry equipments as follows:1. Main feeding system2. Broiler feed system animal3. Nipple drinking system4. Ventilation system5. Environment control system6. Cooling pad system7. Spraying system8.Intelligent remote monitoring systemCommon FAQ for our used poultry equipment for sale:                                            What information you are supposed to provide to get a good price a. Chicken farm size (Length*width*height);b. Quantity of chickens in one farm;c. Weight of chickens when they're for sale in market;d. Types of chicken: broiler/breeder/layer (WE ALL HAVE);e. Types of breeding: on the ground/in cages;f.  Chicken farm location and local climate condition (temperature. humidity etc.);g. More information you think helpful.For a simple example of a chicken house configuration as the following:Qingdao super herdsman  machinery Co.. Ltd House length (m)38.1House width (m)12feeding line3Birds/m²14Water line 4Birds/pan44.33Front & back passage(m)3Birds/nipple11.08Set1Feeding days45 days harvest  SUMMARY  NameQty 1. Main Feed Line System1 2.   Feed Pan system3 3.  Nipple Drinking System4 4.Environment controller 1 Please contact with Frank Zhang and I am glad to offer our best products and service for you in the future.Cellphone Number: 86 13969773288We also can provide you with overvalue services:1. Poultry House site Selection2. Poultry House Design and Construction Preparation Guidance3. Breeding Equipment Installation4. Breeding Worker Training5. Breeding Technology Guidance6. After-sale Services
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