Full Set Automatic Poultry Equipments for Broiler


As a professional manufacturer of poultry farm equipment. Super Herdsman Group combines product development. project designing. poultry farm construction and after sale service together to provide a comprehensive service. its products sells well in China. and have already been exported to more than 30 countries around the world.  Qingdao Super Herdsman Machinery Co.. Ltd.  is located in China's famous port city Qingdao. which is the develop and export centre of the Super Herdsman Group. The poultry house equipments composed of :1) Automatic Main Feeding System2) Automatic Pan Feeding System3) Nipple Drinking System4) Automatic Ventilation System5) Environment Control System6) Cooling Pad System7) Automatic Spaying System8)Curtain System9) Automatic Heating System1.Automatic Main Feeding SystemThis system delivers feed from the silo to the hopper in the poultry house. There is one feed sensor at the end of main feed line which control the motor on and off automatically to release automatic delivery.Consists Item Name Specifications Remarks silo( or big feed hopper). drive system. sensor. main feeding line pipe. augerfeed silo8t/10t/14t/16t/22t/28t1.Silo foundation and the embedded parts should be borne by the buyer;2.Feed silo adopts galvanized steel belt or fiber reinforced plastic. which is customized by the customer's demand;big feed hopper600kg/800kgdrive systemtop quality motor. 0.75/1.1kWsensorworld top class productsmain feeding line pipeworld top class productsauger world top class products  2.Automatic Pan Feeding SystemThis system deliver feed automatically through motor under the control of feed sensor.which ensure birds feeding during whole growing period.Consists Item Name Specifications Remarks sub feed bin(with accessories). drive system. sensor. four holes hot galvanized pipe. feed pan. winch handle. manual lifter winch. augersub feed bin(with accessories)70/90kg1.Special purpose high quality drive motor;2.World advanced concept designed feeding pan;drive system top quality motor.0.75/1.1kWsensor world top class productsfour holes hot galvanized pipe3m/setfeed panwith feed limit leaf winch handleMRS productsmanual lifter winchMRS productsauger world top class products  3.Nipple Drinking SystemThis system can provide fresh and clean water for poultry which is crucial for the growth of poultry. The drinkers can be triggered from 360 degree which helps young birds start well and makes drinking easier.Consists Item Name Specifications Remarks water line front parts. doser. drinking system main inflow pipe. pressure regulator connecting hose. middle pressure regulator parts. nipples drinking line. lifter winch. winch handle. drinking line hanging partswater line front partspure material good quality pipe 1.Pure raw materials drinking water pipe.doser(with accessories)world top class products dosing pump(with accessories)world top class products dosing bucket100kgdrinking system main inflow pipepure material good quality pipe pressure regulator connecting hosepure material good quality productsmiddle pressure regulator partsworld top class products nipples drinking line12nipples/3m. 15nipples/3m. 16nipples/4mlifter winchMRS1500winch handleMRS550drinking line hanging partsreliable and long service life 4.Automatic Ventilation SystemThis system controls climate conditions. fresh air. humidity and temperature in poultry shed. it is vital for growing birds. This system include Poultry house fan. Cooling pad. Air inlet window.Consists Item Name Specifications Remarks 50 fan. 36 fan. frequency converter. air inlet. air inlet motor. manual winch. right and left cart with accessories50 fantop quality motor.220/380V1.Special production process to ensure the smooth running of low noise and no vibration;2.Japan imported belt. to ensure long-term use without deformation;3.Air inlet adopts reasonable design mechanism. easy to open. good seal and heat preservation performance.36 fantop quality motor.220/380Vfrequency converter3kWair inletthree directionair inlet motorreliable and long service life manual winchH-1500-Bright and left cart with accessoriesreliable and long service life  5.Environment Control SystemThis system saves the labor and the resources under the condition of assuring the optimum growth environment of the chickens. It is imported from Israel can set an optimum working mode according to the local climate and raising environment.ConsistsItem Name Specifications Remarks environmental controller. environmental sensor. humidity sensor. negative pressure gauge. power box. watt-hour meter box. light regulator. main control box(with alarm). sub control box. UPS power supply group(regulator control box use). lighting system(bulb not included). wires and fixturesenvironmental controllerTemptron607/610/616. AC-2000 PLUS. Rotem Platinum PLUS1.Main parts all adopts world class products to ensure the reliability;environmental sensorworld top class products humidity sensorworld top class productsnegative pressure gaugeworld top class productspower boxreliable and long service life watt-hour meter boxreliable and long service life light regulator60Amain control box(with alarm)reliable and long service life sub control boxreliable and long service life UPS power supply group(regulator control box use)with battery and chargerlighting system( light bulb not included)for broiler housewires and fixturesfor broiler house  6.Cooling Pad SystemCooling pad surface coated with special material. which can ensure the cooling pad surface no moss. and inhibit the growth of bacteria; The top set with dredge water cooling pad. to make sure uniform water spread.Consists Item Name Specifications Remarks cooling pad (aluminum alloy frame). protective curtain cloth. curtain system(include motor). circulating water system. filter. pumpcooling pad (aluminum alloy frame)1.5m*0.15m*0.6m. 1.8m*0.15m*0.6m(without frame);1.66m*0.15m*0.6m . 1.96m*0.15m*0.6m(with frame)1.Cooling pad paper adopts the Finland import pulp. breeding special purpose corrugated angle. 2-3 times cooling effect of the ordinary cooling pad;2.Cooling pad glue uses Taiwan brand product. strong adhesion strength. ensure the cooling pad's hardness and toughness. durable;3.The frame adopts aluminum alloy material. anti rust.protective curtain clothreliable and long service life curtain system(include motor)reliable and long service life circulating water systemreliable and long service lifefilterTaiwan brand product. reliable and long service life pump0.55/0.75kW.anti block pump 7.Automatic Spraying SystemThis system effectively cools. humidifies. deducts and disinfects the henhouse(the temperature is quickly reduced by 3-8 degrees centigrade within a few minutes).Consists Item Name Specifications Remarks 3/8'' copper tube. nylon tube. double opening spaying sitting. copper spaying nozzle. copper T-connection part. ball valve. valve connection. direct connection. L-shaped connection. mobile main spaying machine. high pressure hose. high pressure slow shock tube. filter3/8'' copper tubetube thickness: 1mm1.The main spaying machine adopts Taiwan brand product. high temperature automatic protection device. the water absorption capacity is 20-38L/minute;2.Nylon tupe adopts the import products. pressure bearing capacity is 30-90kg. corrosion resistance;3.Pipeline and spraying sitting 's pressure bearing capacity is 100kg;4.Filtration system using honeycomb filter. 400 hole filtering mesh.nylon tubetube thickness: 2.7mmdouble opening spaying sittingcoppercopper spaying nozzle3/8''. 25-30mmcopper T-connection part3/8''ball valve3/8''valve connection3/8''direct connectioncopperL-shaped connectioncoppermobile main spaying machine3.7kWhigh pressure hose reliable and long service lifehigh pressure slow shock tubereliable and long service lifefilterreliable and long service life 8.Curtain SystemCurtain system is used for the open structure poultry house with no side wall. which is mainly used in the area which has high temperature weather all the year round.Consists Item Name Specifications Remarks curtain cloth. curtain drive system curtain clothreliable and long service life1.The drive system is optional. can use motor drive system or manual drive system. customized per the customer's demand.curtain drive systemreliable and long service life 9. Automatic Heating SystemIn cold weather. poultry heating system is widely used for heating the poultry house. which has good performance and can save the heating cost.Consists Item Name Specifications Remarks hot blast stove with accessorieshot blast heater  reliable and long service life1.Can be equipped with heating duct;oil/gas fired heater with accessoriesoil/gas fired heater30kW/50kW1.Automatic temperature control; umbrella heaterelectricity/gas umbrella heater1.2kW-2.7kW1.Mainly used for brooding Poultry House Design Model: We can also provide you below service:1. Poultry house site selection;2. Poultry house design and construction;3. Poultry equipment installation;4. Poultry house workers training;5. Breeding technology guidance;6. After-sale technical consultation service; If you need any of the above products. please contact us. we will be sure to supply you the top quality products with excellent after-sale service. thanks.
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