Poultry Farming Layer Broiler Chicken Deep Litter System for Chicken Shed


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Introduction:1. Floor Raising System.also named Deep Litter System consist of Automatic Pan Feeding System.Automatic Drinking System. Ventilation system.Environment control system.Cooling pad & heating system.provides better living environment for broilers and pullets.2. Generally the height of poultry houses is between 2.5m-3.5m (at eaves). The width of the poultry houses is decided according to then layout of equipment inside and cannot be too large considering ventilation. Steel structure poultry houses are usually designed with the width of 8-15m. Length is better no larger than 140m.Automatic Feeding System:1.The equipment is used for feeding system for broiler.The pan is very safe and easy .2. Its color  is yellow and red .Automatic control for feed quantity adjustment with 5 levels .3. The pan can store 800g-1600g feedstuffs .It can suffice any time of rearing.4.The design of feed pan edge can avoid the feedstuffs wasting.5. The design of incline from the edge to center can make the feedstuffs uniform distribution .6 .It`s convenient for broiler feed.Pan Feature:Pan diameter 330mmPan material: 100% virgin PE materialWith anti- UV additiveFeed capacity: 55 birds/ panPan bottom can use as starter panPan use: starting from 1-day age.Cleaning :hang dry. wash by high pressure water.easy cleaning .  Bottom shape : wave-shape bottom and flat bottom are all available to choose.Automatic Drinking System:1. With three layer superior stainless steel seal design.2. 360 angle contact ensure all-angle access to water. with high sensitivity. small triggering force and no leaking3. There are cups under nipples to collect water drops wasted by birds for drinking. avoiding too much humidity on floor of poultry house4. Suitable for different growing period birds. For broiler. breeder. layer. rooster. duck5. Clean and moderate water supply. not creep and leak. make the dung dryto clean it easily.6. Uselife: 15 years7. 100% full qty tested & inspection before shipment8.Convenient and durable....Ventilation System:The system controls climate condition. can provide fresh air. proper humidity and temperature for birds. ensuring your chickens provide maximum production.The system including ventilation fan (box fan or butterfly cone fan) and air inlets.Environment Control System:Cooling Pad System is composed of cooling pad .water tank .water-circulation pumps  and water discharge pipe.The main cooling process is finished in the damp curtain.Evaporative cooling pads have a cross fluted configuration that it can provides maximum cooling when hot air  pass through the wet evaporative curtain material .And the cool air is pumped and diacharge to everywhere of the indoor workshop.In this way.most air problems of factory.such as the hot air .high temperature and poor ventilation can be sloved easily.Air inlet for chicken farm:1. The air inlet which is made of high quality engineering plastic injection process has bigger density and more strength. 2. Adding the ultraviolet resist resin into the raw material to extend service life. 3. Easy to be opened. net which is assembled outer would protect damage from birds. 4. There is a PE heating board which is thick as 20mm fill in teh inlet to avoid lost of heating in winter
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