Stainless Steel Animal Feed Pellet Dryer Machine (WSP)


Stainless Steel Animal Feed Pellet Dryer MachineDescription:Our company has full line of floating fish food machine. if your material is grain and so on. you need crush them into powder first. the first machine you need is grain crush machine.1. Hammer mill crusher machineThis machine can crush your material into the size you need.2. you need a small mixer machineThis machine can mix your material together. Working principle: For the mixing of raw material. making every kind of raw material and water mixed together. Outside is stainless steel. High efficiency. easy operation.3. After that. you need Floating - Feed Pelleting MachineThe Floating Feed Pelleting Machine can make many kinds of fodder for different kinds of animal fodder. It can make poultry-fodder. pet-fodder. as well as aquaculture-fodder and fishery feed. which is also called floating feed.It is apply to the pretreatment of the animal fodder. so as to reduce loss of nutrition. advance the protein content So the fodder will be digested easier by animals.The poultry-fodder can feed chicken. rabbit. sheep. pig. horse cattles and so on The pet-fodder can feed dogs. cats. goldfish etc The Fishery-feed can feed the fish. shrimps. crab. eel. catfish. batrachia and so on.4. Dry machineIt is used for drying the finished fodder pellet; So as to make the fodder can keep longer time.If you want to know to know more information about our machine( floating fish food machine Floating Feed Pelleting Machine fish food extruder machine fish food machine floating fish food machine fish bulking machine). please send me inquiry to my email or contact Miss Susan directlyModelCapacity (Kg)Heating (Kw)Blower(W)Power(V)Dimension(cm)Base size(cm)Net weight(Kg)WSP-400KG40015750380*3p148*106*20227.5*27.5*p12170Should you have interest of items mentioned above  Kindly let us know by return mail. Meanwhile if you require the other merchandises made in China. pls feel free to contact me. Looking forward to hearing from you soon.
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