We67k Hydraulic Alloy Plate Press Brake


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WE67K Hydraulic Alloy Plate Press BrakeControl TechnologyThe synchronization of press brake adopt the technology of full loop electro hydraulic servo control. the positioning signal of the upper beam are feed back by raster (light-ruler) to CNC system and CNC system will check the opening size of synchronization valves. adjusting the inlet oil amount. to realize the synchronizing movements of the upper beam (Y1. Y2). and keep the worktable are always parallel situation. Following the situation of sheet metal to be bended. CNC system control automatically the amount of the crowning compensation of worktable to realize that angle being bended of work piece can keep same along the full work piece length.Crowning CompensationCrowning compensation system on worktable can make a work piece having a same precision full along the length of the work piece. A crowning compensation system is composed of a group cylinders in line in worktable. which can from a relative movements of worktable. forming a curve needed of adding conversion to worktable. to ensure unchanged the relative position to the upper beam of worktable after the worktable being under pressure. The crowning compensation amount is automatically calculated out by CNC system according to the worktable's situation.Typical aspect of sheet metal after bended hydraulic compensation system           Mechanical compensation system       No compensation systemBack Gauge                     (Stop-finger structure)                                                    (Stop-finger photo)Upper tool clamping         (Upper tool mechanical fast clamping)                      (Lower tool multi -V clamping)          All tools are full grinded and with hardening. Material: 42CrMo. Hardness: HRC42Valves (REXROTH. GERMANY)CNC SystemComponents BrandsNO.Name QUANTITYUnit MANUFACTURE1Machine1SETHuantu Machinery2DA52/DA56/DA65/DA691SETDELEM-HOLLANDservo motor1SETESTUN.CHINAservo driver1SETESTUN.CHINAlinear scale2SETHEIDENHAIN.GERMANYI/O module1SETDELEM-HOLLAND3Main electrical elements  SCHNEIDER. FRANCE4MAIN MOTOR1SETSIEMENS.GERMANY5 linear guide2SETHIVIN-TAIWANball-screw2SETHIVIN-TAIWAN6 Proportional Directional-flow valve  REXROTH-GERMANpressure-control valve  REXROTH-GERMANYchange valve  REXROTH-GERMANYone-way valve  REXROTH-GERMANYprefill valve  REXROTH-GERMANYshuttle valve  REXROTH-GERMANYretainer  REXROTH-GERMANYpressure equalizer  REXROTH-GERMANYdamp bolt  REXROTH-GERMANY7GEAR PUMP1SETREXROTH-GERMANY8Main cylinder2SETNANTONG BENGTENG.CHINA9SEAL1SETVALQUA-JAPAN10GUIDE RING1SETPARKER-AMERICAShipping Documents1. Operation Manual(hydraulic diagram.electro diagram)2. Foundation Drawings3. Quality Certification4. Packing list/Invoice5. Original Certificates(If Custmer Required)6. Original Bill Of LadingAccessaries1. Front arm supports2. Anchor bolts3. Nuts4. Washer5. Oil gun6. Foot pedal7. SealingsWarranty1. Our guarantee time is 5 years from B/L date.  If any component is damaged during guarantee time. we can send the component to the customer by DHL. TNT freely. 2. Our factory can send our engineer to the customer's factory install. commission and training freely. The customer provide the double trip tickets. food and accommodation for our engineer. The customer also can send the engineer to our factory to learn the operation and maintains freely. 3. Our factory provide the service for the customer forever. if the customer need operation help. can contact us by MSN. Skype. Email and Telephone at any time. we provide 24 hours on-line service.ParametersModelWE67KNominal PressureLength of Working TableDistance between uprightsThroat depthRam StrokeMain Motor Power(kn)(mm)(mm)(mm)(mm)(kw)63/2500630250020202501205.563/3200630320025202501205.580/3200800320030203201207.5100/32001000320025203201207.5125/40001250400030204001207.5160/320016003200252032020011160/600016006000485040020015200/400020004000302040020015200/600020006000485040020015250/320025003200252040025018.5250/400025004000302040025018.5300/400030004000302040025022300/600030006000485040025022400/600040006000485040025030500/600050006000485040030037600/7000600070005600400300451000/800010000800060005004502*37
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